You can enjoy delicious snacks on the beach with a unique view of the sun and the sea. For those looking for a healthy and light alternative, along with cooking areas, pancake, pizza and dessert buffets, we have salad options prepared with fresh and various vegetables in our salad buffet.It is full of sunbathing areas, sun loungers and beach activities.

Service Hours

10:00 - 18:00

Beach Parties (1 day a week)
When the Sun Rises !

It offers a peaceful environment for those who want to sunbathe with its wide, golden sandy beach and comfortable sun loungers. It is ideal for swimming in the cool waters of the sea, having fun with water sports or spending time with your friends by playing beach volleyball. You can taste local and international cuisines and enjoy the view while sipping your refreshing drinks.

When the Sun Sets !

It takes on a magical atmosphere in the evenings, with a beach party once a week. The magnificent view of the sunset offers unforgettable moments for couples who want to experience romantic moments. Parties, musical events and DJ performances held on the beach increase the dose of entertainment in the evenings.

Seashell Resort is a paradise that offers its guests unforgettable experiences during the day as well as in the evening.